Friday, June 8, 2012

A Day at the Park

Today's chaos included a park trip with my two girls. Oh why, oh why do grumpy/crazy faces make my day so much better?!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So I love photography...and I've just started taking some classes to hopefully push me a long the path to being more skilled. This is where I currently am: I hope I look back on this post as the beginning of something great! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Swinging is that much sweeter with your Daddy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School was the beginning of a long journey we are embarking on! SCHOOL!!!! Taylor started kindergarten today and was SO excited. There were no tears, no anxiety...only a smile and excitement. I really like her teacher and she seems to have a great positive attitude towards all the little kindergarteners. Funny moment - Once everyone was seated in the classroom and the teacher was going over some basics she asked the children who rode a bus. Well Taylor quickly piped up "I don't ride a bus...I'm only 5!" Love that little thing.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dress UP!

So I have two little girls and dress up is a regular activity at our house. WELL...Taylor loves to play in my shoes and in my closet quite frequently and I don't mind as long as she puts my shoes back. You know that small box or bag of lingerie you have from your honeymoon that you never wear anymore, but it is so sentimental you have kept it all these years? She found it! AHHHHH!!! She came out and asked if she could wear the little white dress in my closet. I immediately told her no and said it was mommy's. She looked at me with the most scrunched confused face and said, "But Mom...that would never fit you!" I DIE!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Being a nurse...

So last night I came home defeated. I worked the last two days, twelve hour shifts that completely kicked my butt. I have almost been a nurse for six years...long enough to know my job well and to definitely have a grip on managing my patients. Well let me tell you, yesterday was an awful day. I just couldn't seem to keep up with every need. Which in turn, makes you feel pretty terrible on the inside...basically you feel like you suck at doing your job. I mean I'm a's not like I can accidentally screw up and just brush it off and try again. I take care of pediatric patients, which also reads as people's most precious treasures and I will beat you silly if you do anything harmful to my child. So when I work I have to bring my best game every time. Not to mention we were informed one of our frequent patients had passed away the morning before, so more often than not there is always a little grief in the back of our nurse brains. So yesterday was a disaster and I didn't leave my 7a-7p shift until almost 9pm. I came home, showered, hopped into bed and did a little blog reading and came across a post that immediately reminded me why I "do what I do." Because yesterday in jest a lot of us joked about why didn't we choose a different profession. Anyway, it was a post about a birth story from Young House Love (love reading your blog guys!) and she wrote of how when her and her unborn child's life were on the brink of emergency and unexpected outcomes were in the air the hospital staff were "invested" and "so on it" to ensure the best possible outcome. I have just got to say that is my new be on it and invested in the care of my patient. I mean I am always invested in making the right decisions and providing the best care for my patient...but I want them to be able to feel my "investment." There is a difference. I think that is the part of nursing we can sometimes easily forget. The way you make people feel when you care for them at some of their most vulnerable moments.
So I'm gonna be invested. Even if I have to pee really bad or haven't eaten, or a parent coughs obnoxiously in my face when I am caring for their child, or when a developmentally delayed person lets out an audible body function much too close to my face. True story, all in the same day! You can laugh because I have to in order to keep my sanity!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new chapter!

So something pretty major happened last Friday. There will be no more children in this little house of husband had a vasectomy. While bitter sweet that there will be no more sweet little chubby babies of mine and my husbands (granted the procedure does work...yes we know it can still happen that 1/1000 do get pregnant)...I'm pretty dang excited about not getting pregnant! And...I will be coming off of that nasty thing called oral contraceptives ASAP once the procedure success has been confirmed. It really hates me and I hate it too. So here's to our family of four and a wonderful husband who volunteered and has not complained at all!